Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slow Burn Edgar Kennedy Music Video!

The Edgar Kennedy Show now has its own theme song and music video to prove it!  The music and lyrics to "Slow Burn" were written by prolific film music composer Charlie Barnett, who operates out of the Washington DC area and plays and records with the eclectic jazz sextette Chaise Lounge.  The music track, used by the kind permission of Charlie for Edgar promotion and eventually in the new series, is recorded by Chaise Lounge with vocals by member Marilyn Older.

Here is only a portion of the nostalgic lyrics set to a truly catchy tune:

My granddad sure loved a good joke.  He always loved a funny line,
And then a kind of slapstick ... cracked him up every time.
Edgar Kennedy was big in the movies, when granddad was just a kid.
He was a comedy king in the thirties, and grandpa laughed at everything he did.
Edgar Kennedy had a routine then, that of course my granddaddy learned.
At a real slow pace he dragged his hand down his face, and that was called the slow burn.
Don't think that I ever got it, but I guess every generation gets its turn.
There was a moment of grace in my granddad's face laughing at the slow burn.
Yeah he loved the slow-w-w-w burn, that cracked him up back in '34.
Slow-w-w-w burn, had 'em laughing and rolling on the floor.

"Slow Burn" is about an unusual connection between a young woman and her granddad over his love for comedian Edgar Kennedy.  It is based on Charlie Barnett's deep affection for his dad who loved Edgar, but is sweetly sung by Marilyn Older and so seems to be about a granddaughter.  The gender is not important since all adults try to connect with family elders by sharing their long ago interests and joys.

There is a line about seeing Edgar's films on youtube but still not "getting it."  This touches on a real generational gap that many young people encounter with vintage, largely black and white films. Film fans know how truly funny and universal Edgar is, right up there with Laurel and Hardy, W.C. Fields, the Marx Brothers and so many more.  How many times have you thought: "Just watch the films.  You'll love them!"  Perhaps they will watch the "Slow Burn" video about connecting with family, and along the way enjoy, empathize and laugh with Edgar Kennedy by the time they finish.  In this manner "Slow Burn" -- the song plus the film clips -- will help reach a new generation of fans.

Without further ado please watch, sing along with and laugh to "Slow Burn."

One of the Chaise Lounge band members did know who Edgar was when he first heard the song, but the others were completely baffled.  Much more about writing the song is in an interview with Charlie over at the Bijou Blog.

If you love "Slow Burn" as much as we do, please help spread the word on the Internet.  Share it on your own Facebook page, email your friends, sing it from the highest mountain.  Show it to young people to gauge their response.  We need them to join the crusade to revive interest in Edgar Kennedy and other giants of comedy.  It's up to each of us to pass the torch like the song says.  "Slow Burn" can become a "Prevu of Coming Attractions" to cultivate this younger audience into recognizing and enjoying Edgar so they will be there to enjoy "The Edgar Kennedy Show."

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Drummer Tommy Barrick created an original video to the music and uploaded it to youtube on Jun 25, 2011.  Our thanks to Tommy for giving his blessings to the new video that Pete Bedell of Team Edgar created.  Here is the additional information over at Tommy's Video:

Chaise Lounge performs an original tune SLOW BURN. Music by Charlie Barnett. Video by Tommy Barrick. Slow Burn features the unique comedy stylings of Edgar Kennedy. Edgar Livingston Kennedy (April 26, 1890 -- November 9, 1948) was an American comedic film actor, known as "the king of the slow burn."
Chaise Lounge is Marilyn Older - vocals, Gary Gregg - woodwinds, John Jensen - trombone, Charlie Barnett - guitar, Pete Ostle - bass, Tommy Barrick - drums, percussion.

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