Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blog It Once, and Blog it Twice and....

I just started a Movie Memories blog that you can check out HERE. I started the second blog so I could include the link on my Movie Memories home page. I can also include it in emails to activity directors. I have a Linkedin account and the link is in my profile. (Linkedin is kind of like Facebook for professionals in a field.)

Activity Directors do not particularly know or care about films being in the public domain. It seems unlikely they would have time to read about a lost James Mason film or the giant bats I saw in Tarzan Escapes as a kid. Hence a blog for just Movie Memories Activity should be useful.

The blog spot name was already taken by someone named Rustie who has nothing at all on the page! Put in a hypen as in "movie-memories" goes to a Japanese page with nothing there. So I had to settle for "senior-movie-memories." That doesn't really matter since no one will type that on their computer, they will just click the link I supply.

There are some websites for Movie Memories that are not me! MM is a rather generic term. We all have memories of great films and times spent in a theater. I hope in time to establish my Movie Memories as a reminiscing activity for seniors. is a British website that sells original movie posters and memorabilia. is a high quality blog/labor of love in which Carl DiNello discusses favorite classic movies. Yahoo search also found Movie Memories Hub Page by Bob Ewing -- a single blog about seeing films in the 1940s that was written two years ago. There are links to several Japanimation films called "Memories," which are also "Movies" and so come up in a search. Currently the Festival Films Movie Memories link is at the top of page 2 in a Yahoo search. My Movie Memories for Seniors is not yet a concept more than a few have heard about, so at the moment no one is going online to search for me under the key words "Movie Memories."

Have I put you to sleep yet? Here is some feedback I did not expect: "Patients with Alzheimers may not know what is real and what is not. Therefore it might be dangerous to show them the trailer for The Giant Claw." At first I panicked and thought I needed special Alzheimer volumes with all westerns, sci-fi, horror and action films removed. But wait a minute, might they also get spooked by animals on a beach in a cartoon? What might they make of a Busby Berkeley musical with girls used abstractly? Facilitators should know their patients well enough to NOT show Movie Memories to any who could not handle them. Think I will go with that theory for now!

The poster at the top rather disturbs me. It will not become my logo just because the film is called "Memory." It will never appear on my website or in a Movie Memories blog.

My first Movie Memories blog is a re-write of my Feb. 12 blog post. Check It Out!

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  1. " is a high quality blog/labor of love in which Carl DiNello discusses favorite classic movies."

    I just discovered this blog while searching around online and wanted to thank you for the favorable mention. I love the concept of Movie Memories on your website, and will add a link to you on my site within the next few days.

    Again, thank you for the mention,
    Carl DiNello