Saturday, November 21, 2009

Google Search... & Find!

Here is another view of the interior of the Suburban World Theater. The arched ceiling has hundreds of twinkle lights to simulate the night sky (many burned out!) and a cloud machine. More important, the food and friendly service was great at the Cartoon Brunch today and crowds are growing with more children. The owner is committed to making a go of it and is finding new promotion opps on the web such as this one which features a map of the location. Don liked my ideas for upcoming shows, including a special Santa Claus Brunch to run two weekends. The Suburban World
website is using my poster of the week and a link to the Youtube video I made.

This past week I was thinking about how Café Roxy showed up in Google and Yahoo searches about a week after I started the website. Who would actually google those two words besides me -- don't know! You can go google it yourself and Café Roxy has several links right at the top of each search engine result. Hooray for me! Big deal....

I was also thinking how "Cartoon Brunch" has an even better chance of catching on across the country. A brunch is a fun, special weekend activity and cartoons are still fun. Put the two together in someone's head and the new concept is a home run, or at least worth looking into and maybe trying. I briefly thought I needed a new website called Cartoon Brunch just to catch anyone googling the idea. Of course they won't think to google unless they first hear about it somewhere like discussed on the radio, TV or read it in some high profile blog. Then later they might google to find the website.

Then I noticed a week ago that some links from a Café Roxy search referred to this blog you are reading now. I'm not sure how that works but I won't turn it down! Therefore, I reasoned, all I needed was a blog called Cartoon Brunch to catch any googlers. Done! You can go read my rushed together first Cartoon Brunch Blog! It may be the first and last entry, because I don't need a separate blog. After finishing and posting I noticed that a google search on Cartoon Brunch turns up my Café Roxy blog post of last week! Of, well. If anyone does read Cartoon Brunch Blog there are links to Café Roxy website.

Here is an excerpt from Cartoon Brunch Blog, in hopes that I may have stated the concept concisely:

"So what is Cartoon Brunch anyhoo? If you have an eating emporium, create a special brunch menu for Saturday and Sunday. If you have a coffee house, then coffee drinks and donuts may be enough. It may take some effort to put in a large screen TV connected to a DVD player. If you are a Sports Bar, all done! Now all you need is a free poster that you can take right off my cartoon poster page. Drag any poster to your computer desk top, click and it will be ready to print full size. You can add your show date info in the empty area at the bottom. Display the poster a week in advance, talk up the Cartoon Brunch with all your regular customers, send out press releases, put the news on your own website, etc. Saturday rolls around and you start the cartoons at a set time. People come and go, order food, enjoy films and depart after they have seen enough. Each show runs one hour and repeats twice on a single DVD. You can re-start a show in seconds (every two hours) and let it run until the last customer departs."

FYI, my googling found a restaurant or bar actively doing cartoon brunches and free evening movies: EatBar in Arlington, VA. You can go check out their menu and film programs. The Saturday brunch showcases short cartoons from Disney, Warners, Lantz, etc., while Sunday brunch at 11 am features big family movies like Shrek, Dumbo and Charlotte's Web. This is more ambitious than my project to encourage coffee houses to show vintage public domain films. EatBar must be doing well to accommodate royalties for public showings, although that may be more affordable than I suspect and certainly something I should look into.