Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Plan

Like I had a plan back in February. I just had an idea, but stuff has happened since that looks like a plan to launch an Internet enterprise.

THE IDEA. As discussed on the site: Show Café Roxy programs free to attract customers. Will it catch fire?

WEBSITE. is up and running. I have had site for years, but need the new one in case “Café Roxy” is googled by, um, the masses out there that hear about it. The new site has attracted unexpected attention. If you word search Café Roxy on Yahoo it directs one to this blog! If you google Café Roxy, the top four entries go right to my website. Of course, who the heck is googling “Café Roxy” these days?

PRODUCT. Variety programs of public domain films that will play well in Cafés is now a reality with over 40 DVD masters in the can. There are 12 shows each in the Horror series, All-Star Series and Sagebrush Sagas, plus three Buster Keaton DVDs and the first shows in projected Cartoon, Silent Comedy, Adventure TV, Detective TV and Comedy TV series.

FREE SAMPLER. This turned into a two-hour show in itself with excerpts from other Roxy programs. Then came the idea to give it out free. How many should I have in hand on Opening Day?

POSTERS. I feel the colorful posters are the key to success. Every poster at the website advertises a specific show for sale on DVD. Every poster may also be downloaded, printed and posted in the café a week before the free show. Who would not come for free? If they don’t like the films, they can walk out after their meal or drink.

TEST RUN. My plan to get a local Café to advertise and run the Sampler hasn’t gotten anywhere yet, since I’ve been too busy making up the shows to pursue it.

START A BLOG. That’s this here animal that I, for one, will read again after I post it. Oddly, Yahoo found it, and I never told them. Is anyone else reading? A free Sampler DVD goes to the first one who posts a comment.

START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Done, and there’s something on it, but watch at your own risk. Now if I could only stage that local test run, film the mob scene clamoring for free films and get that on Youtube....

WHAT’S LEFT TO DO? This coming week I will finish the Western shows, finish DVD covers and run off a batch, order another DVD duplicator, turn out a stack of the Samplers, clear my desk top and revise the website. Again.

Then I’ll unleash Café Roxy on the world. How? Stay tooned.


  1. Congrats for tapping into the public domain for the entertainment! Great way to bring back the oldies and goodies.

    All the best with marketing your idea.


  2. Thanks for the comment. We'll see how it goes once I advertise the website. Email me your address at and I'll send you the free Sampler disc.