Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Invisible Blogger?

That’s me, maybe. Few are reading this blog at the moment because I haven’t announced the blog to other than the 18 Café Roxy Facebook Group members. The blog is briefly mentioned at the bottom of one Café Roxy web page. You are welcome to join the Facebook Group... whenever and if ever you find out about it.

Big news announcement! If you google “Café Roxy” both the website and the blog come up first! This beats the news about the Roxy Café in Pittsburgh closing after 44 years, or the map to the Roxy Café in Richmond, VA.

An article in this morning’s newspaper is headlined: “There’s money to be made from blogging, right?” That question mark kind of tips off the coming revelation of: “Not really.” This additional bit of news is helpful and not surprising: “You make money by driving traffic to your website.” That may happen in a few instances, though it seems more reasonable for newbies to find the website first.

So why am I blogging if few are tuning in? These ramblings surely have no place on the website, but they are in my head and now in yours. I feel a new-found obligation to the kind folks at Google to blog at least weekly. Someone there is surely checking hourly for the latest rumination. I don’t plan to put a counter on this blog that might destroy the illusion of countless readers, although, as I vaguely recall, one can start a counter at any figure such as 13,000. Hmm, impressive and what a success I could be! The simple reason is that I am writing for myself because writing helps me develop the Café Roxy idea, whose potential is mushrooming all over the place.

I do have a plan for promoting the website in a big way. The secret plan will be announced in the next blog, appearing ABOVE this one next week.

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