Friday, May 29, 2009

Sizzle. Fizzle.

My ad in Restaurant Report, shown here on the left, has come and gone with little impact on the dining world. I won't say I got NO requests for the free sampler DVD. Let's say somewhat less than I expected, since it was emailed to 7,000 restaurants, and I didn't expect too much. It only proves what I already knew -- that it takes awhile for a new idea to get looked at. It's also hard to give away anything free. I should have made it easier by putting on my home page: "Click here to receive a free DVD Sampler Show." I thought of that just now, which is too late for the current ad whose shelf life was two days, but I will go and add it now.

No ad is wasted. The ad may be the first glimpse some future customers got of the name "Café Roxy" and the idea behind it. Maybe next time they see the name or spot an ad they will go to the website, read enough to catch the idea and ask for a free sample DVD.

In my opinion the email ad looks very good, and is exactly how I wanted it. Jaime Oikle at Restaurant Report was very helpful in finalizing my changes. Maybe I can get Jaime to write an article on Café Roxy someday, but not until an actual successful program is in full swing in some café.

That is coming very soon.

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